Friday, December 4, 2009

#19 Rollyo

I could use Rollyo to collect together a number of blogs about YA literature and search for information on new fiction books which may be suitable for the school library. One of the difficulties with this type of fiction is that sometines it's hard to know just how appropriate a book is until I've read it, despite recommendations on the cover from various reviewers.

At school, this facility could also be used to search for information in just the sites that are useful to students, such as EdNA. I imagine the experience of thousands of results for a search term could be very frustrating. Rollyo could also be useful to people looking for up-to-date news and political commentary.

I received the response on the Rollyo site of could not connect - too many connections more than once - I have to defer my greater exploration of this possibly very useful resource until later in my life.

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