Sunday, October 11, 2009

#15 RSS Feeds

I'm still transitioning between the use of the web as a consumer and as a contributor, so I really like the idea of the RSS feeds where the information can come to me. One of the problems I've found so far with Web 2.0 is re-organising my time so that I might be a contributor as well, and this application is certainly a time-saver! I've added the feeds on iGoogle to my Google Reader, as well as some other ones that I'm interested in, such as Inside a Dog. I like ABC's Radio National, too and will add some of their programs to which I like to listen.
I'm quite excited about the prospect of being well-informed on topics which are interesting to me, and maybe even the news and current events!
This application could be useful to me in the local school setting where students may blog and the feed may be added to my reader, as Mark Wagner comments in his ITM blog on RSS feeds which we read as part of the introduction to this topic. In my personal life, new blogs by friends and family overseas could be added, which would save me looking to see if they've written lately.
Learning about the use of RSS feeds has been a positive experience!

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